Government Grants

We would love to find the government grants that will assist your business. Our highly qualified team of professionals enjoy a 100% success rate when applying for government grants for Australian businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many businesses are eligible for government grants out there aren't claiming what they're entitled for because they simply aren't aware or don't have the time. Empower your business by finding out what you're eligible to claim and maximise your claims by backing yourself with our expert government grant consultants. Have a question or concern? Don't hesitate to contact us or book in a free 15 minute consultation. We work on government grants every day and we would love to help you grow in whatever way we can.

Grants are offered by all levels of government and private groups.   Government grants are funded out of tax revenues and collections.

The Government will often promote or encourage certain industries or certain types of behaviour – for example technological innovation (research and development grant, minimum viable product grant and tax rebates for investing in ESICs), development of new products (accelerated commercialisation grant) international competitiveness (export market grant), job creation (payroll tax grant or small business grant) and development in regional areas (through interest free loans).

Most businesses will be doing something or other that would allow them to qualify for a grant.  As the Government grants are usually based on encouraging certain behaviour or industries, if you happen to be running a business in an area the Government wishes to encourage you will have access to a broader range of Government grants.

There are a lot of other grants – some of which we have mentioned above.  If you could give us a call and tell us about your business or idea, we will then let you know of any grants that we think you could qualify for.

It depends on the grant.  We do apply for many Government grants on a 100% success basis (i.e. you don’t pay us anything if we don’t get you the grant).  Please contact us for details.


Free 15 minute consultation

If you think you might qualify for one or more grants and want to talk it through with an expert, Government Grants consultants are both tax lawyers and chartered accountants. We offer a FREE 15 minute consultation, and by the end of it we guarantee:

- You will know for certain whether or not you qualify.
- You will have a rough idea of how much you can claim, or be able to work out how much you can claim.

If you do not receive this after our first free 15 minute consultation, we will offer you a second, free 15 minute consultation.