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It can be tough out there. Every year the government gives money in the form of grants and other forms of support to help Australian businesses and not-for-profit (NFP) organisations. A bit here and a bit there can all add up and give your business a decisive competitive advantage.

If you’re in business there’s a good chance you’re eligible, but you have to know which government grants you can claim and how to maximise them. We can find a grant for your business.

Government Grant Consultants are dedicated and committed to ensure every grant claim we prepare gets the best possible result. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the competitive edge over their competitors.

Qualified Lawyers and Chartered Accountants

Government Grant experts

With so many government grants available (over 1500 grants worth almost $40 billion actually) you will want to ensure you take advantage of all that you possibly can! Your competitors do – and are. We are always looking for ways to get our clients ahead. We want to be able to say that our clients get the best results and have the leg up over the clients of our competitors, and in most cases this is true. How?

Government grants have a complicated set of rules and will usually need a set of accounts and other financial information to verify the claim. To maximise your grant, you need someone who is:

• Always looking for ways to give your business an edge
• Qualified and knows their stuff!

We’re qualified as both lawyers (through the law society of New South Wales) and Chartered Accountants (through the Institute of Chartered Accountants). We use our legal knowledge to understand every possible method and option for claiming the absolute maximum from a grant under the law, and we use our accounting knowledge to ensure the books are properly presented and every invoice that can be claimed is claimed. It’s a perfect harmony.

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We work on a 100% success basis

If we don't get you the grant, you don’t pay us anything!

Our Approach

Consult with our experts

We offer a one-on-one consultation tailored to your business so that we can best assist you in benefiting from available grants. We assist by streamlining the process to make sure you receive the funding that you are entitled to.

We apply for many Government grants on a 100% success basis. If we don't get you the grant, you don’t pay us anything!

How We Help

Grow your business

Finding and accessing funding often seems like a complicated and difficult process. The reality is most businesses have limited time and resources to focus on growing their core business. They don’t always have the time to look into all the available grants, let alone understand the eligibility requirements. They can end up wasting time on applying for grants they aren't even eligible for and miss out on maximising the grant they can receive. That's why we've developed a practical 4 step model to help you find and maximise your Government grants and grow your business.

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Free 15 minute consultation

If you think you might qualify for one or more grants and want to talk it through with an expert, Government Grants consultants are both tax lawyers and chartered accountants. We offer a FREE 15 minute consultation, and by the end of it we guarantee:

- You will know for certain whether or not you qualify.
- You will have a rough idea of how much you can claim, or be able to work out how much you can claim.

If you do not receive this after our first free 15 minute consultation, we will offer you a second, free 15 minute consultation.

Mia has been very helpful in supporting our grant claim, the overall outcome has been as promised by Mia and the team at Adam Ahmed and Co.


Director - Cubic Construction Management

Adam was great through the whole process and did a lot of work in the background to make the grant a lot less time consuming than it could have been. Whilst it was a lot of work Adam was always offering help and preparing detailed spreadsheets to make the process easier. We were extremely happy with t…


Senior Accountant - Blindware

Words cannot express how grateful I am with Adam Ahmed & Co and the entire way you structured the whole Export Market Grant experience for me.

Adam you made a very overwhelming information gathering situation very easy for me and you have implemented a thorough streamline process which helped guide every …


Creative Director - House of Emmanuele

My business recently received a significant Export Market Development Grant thanks to the efforts and experience of Adam Ahmed. I didn’t even know these grants were available to me. When Adam contacted me I was initially skeptical however he has proved himself to work with the utmost professionalism, …


Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin

Adam was very proactive in helping us collate information and preparing the grant itself. The process was well explained and Adam made sure that we managed to maximise what we were entitled to claim with the export development grant. With his help, our application was successful and we hope to work with…


Melbourne Watch Company

One quick email to Adam and we were talking on the phone and then he jumped to work. The process is complicated with so many moving parts and documentation needed and Adam guides us through it with ease. We would not have submitted without Adams guidance


SMG Studio

We recommend Adam Ahmed and the team for their professionalism, guidance and prompt & friendly service. They were able to achieve a great outcome for us. Highly recommend.


Director - Moissanite International
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